New Filmmaking Podcast Hacking Hollywood!

Updated: Oct 11, 2019

Hacking Hollywood is a Filmmaking Podcast that will cover topics that most film industry professionals will not cover. Hacking Hollywood is a Podcast that will be host by the Jalbert Brothers.

About the Jalbert Brothers

The Jalbert Brothers started their careers in video production 15 years ago, as kids making home movies in their backyard. Combining their knowledge of filmmaking and experience in video production, Brian and Jake took an amateur love for film and turned it into a career behind the camera. With Brian’s talent for producing and Jake’s passion for cinematography and directing, this filmmaking powerhouse duo is changing the industry from the inside out. Their credits include co – producer and 1st assistant director for the feature film Apple of My Eye– starring Burt Reynolds and Amy Smart– distributed by Sony Pictures, they produced and directed the series pilot called 10 Seconds to Run, and 2 Shows for Amazon Prime Video called Haunted Tours and Share Your Scare.

You can listen to the podcast on Spotify/Apple music/pod bean/Soundcloud Links Below

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